About the project

The INTERREG IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Program Romania-Serbia was approved by the European Commission in August 2015 and considers the development of the border area.

The strategic objective of the program is to achieve a balanced and sustainable socio-economic development of the border region between Romania and the Republic of Serbia on the basis of joint cross-border projects and joint actions of Romanian and Serbian partners.

Identifying common needs in the cross-border area of Čoka-Valcani, as well as the isolation of rural communities located in the border area, led to the idea of a joint project entitled:

"Rediscovering cultural traditions in the Valcani-Čoka border area as part of the historic Banat "


Project identification data:

Priority Axis 1- Promoting employment and improving services for inclusive growth
Objective 1.3.- Social and Cultural Inclusion

Project title: Rediscovering cultural traditions in the Valcani-Čoka border area as part of the historic Banat.
Project code: RORS 33
Total budget of the project: 351.718,10 Euro
EU funding: 298,960.37 Euro
Implementation period: 08.06.2017-07.06.2019

Valcani commune - partner 1 / project leader
Municipality of Čoka - partner 2

Project Budget:


Valcani Commune: co-financing IPA II program: 214.866,69 - 85%, Romanian state contribution: 32,861.97 - 13%, own contribution: 5,055.69 - 2%, total eligible: 252,784.35

Municipality of Čoka: co-financing IPA II program: 84,093.68 - 85%, Romanian state contribution: -, own contribution: 14,840.07 - 15%, total eligible: 98,933.75

Total: co-financing IPA II program: 298,960.37, Romanian state contribution: 32,861.97, own contribution: 19,895.76, total eligible: 351,718.10

General objective:

Developing the social and cultural relationships of the two partners by involving different social categories in the Valcani-Čoka area, in carrying out the project activities in order to increase social and cultural inclusion.

Specific objectives:

1. Facilitating the access and participation of Valcani-Čoka communities to social and cultural life by improving the local infrastructure needed to host clustering activities of cross-border cooperation in general and social inclusion in particular.

2. Reinvigorating multicultural traditions at the level of Valcani and Čoka (Romania-Serbia) localities throughout the project, promoting cultural values by involving all social groups in the area in research and rediscovering common values of the traditional culture specific to the old Banat.

3. Promoting the cross-border area using specific resources (art, culture, media, folklore, authentic Romanian music, etc.);

Expected results:

Creating the infrastructure for cultural activities in Valcani - Building the multicultural center.

Rehabilitation of the infrastructure to support cultural activities in Banatski Monoshtur - The annual camp of folk music and dance for children.

Improving social development and access to culture through participation in festivals, camps, etc.

Promoting social and cultural inclusion through activities: ethnographic research, cultural and historical education, knowledge transfer


will be provided by the implementation team made up of six persons, three from the Romanian side and three from the Serbian side. They will develop the project management plan (June-October 2017), will coordinate and monitor the project throughout the deployment, and will also send the quarterly, technical and fiancial reports online


Valcani commune will build the Multicultural Center Valcani, a three-room building: a larger, multifunctional room and two smaller halls, plus the hall and sanitary groups. The building's deadline is December 2017 - August 2018.


The cultural center of Banatski Monostor (Kanizsamonostor) will be rehabilitated.
Deadline: April 2018 - June 2018



consists in the realization of cultural, social and educational activities throughout the project, involving different social categories.


is done by various means: electronic, written materials, presentations, press articles, press conferences, launch and closing session.